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Urania museum

The Urania museum

Urania is an astronomy muse. Astronomy, the finest of sciences, rules over the Planetarium. Observing and studying the night sky people came to understand the world around them. For a long time the world seemed to be mysterious and hostile to people. However, after having discovered the laws of nature, people learned to understand them and triumphed over their fear of the elemental things.

Urania museum reveals the history of the Moscow Planetarium, human concepts of the Earth and the Universe under formation, methods of exploring the world from the ancient times till the very present. Urania museum has a unique atmosphere where beauty and science meet in the state-of the-art display.

Our guides in the Urania museum are Russian-speaking. There are multilingual information stands next to each and every exhibit.

Individual and group tours with English-speaking guides are available in the Urania museum. Please, contact us at info@planetarium-moscow.ru to book your tour at least two weeks prior to your planned tour date.

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