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Small Star Hall

The Small Star Hall

Planetarium is a place where you come across wonderful technical devices everywhere. Small Star Hall is a room of moderate size with a huge dome screen. The dome screen is looming over the spectators, making them feel like they are participants of the projected events. Dynamic seats and stereo projection intensify this perception so that is really hard to tell whether it is reality of fiction.

This hall, the only one in Russia equipped with a dome screen, dynamic seats and a stereo projection system, serves as a part of the Planetarium own production complex, that produces full-dome lecture-format videos with help of the Uniview 3D image display program, making it a special pride of the Planetarium.

In the Small Star Hall you can enjoy a Saturn Ride. Duration of the ride is 5 minutes. There is no narration in the show, thus, for obvious reasons, it does not need translation.

  • Купол Малого Звездного зала
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