Планетарий Москвы. Центр популяризации естественно научных знаний

Large Star Hall

Who would not want to catch a glimpse of the future? So many of us are curious about the past. And everyone is eager to learn about the present. Universarium M9, the most advanced fiberglass projection device for displaying the night sky, installed in the Large Star Hall, is truly a time and space machine. This star-machine turns the fantasy into reality.

The Moscow Planetarium invites you to a journey in time and space. Take a look at the night sky of Moscow, Tokyo and Paris. See the past, the present, and the future of the Universe.

In the Large Star Hall of the Moscow Planetarium you can watch different programs: a full-dome film and a Universarium show, or a Universarium show only. Also, concerts and musical shows take place there.

Please, check the show time in the Schedule section. Available languages are indicated for each show.

When entering the Large Star Hall, ask administrator for a headset.

  • Большой Звездный зал - панорама 1
  • Большой Звездный зал - панорама 2
  • Универсариум
  • БЗЗ-программа