Планетарий Москвы. Центр популяризации естественно научных знаний



Visitors can buy souvenirs and gifts, as well as educational materials and special equipment in the MKS gift shop. One can come across striking and unusual things here: space interior items, suits, toys, scale models of spacecrafts and satellites, and gifts with the Moscow Planetarium symbols that will be a nice memory.

The shop book shelves offer a great variety of interesting and informative books, DVD disks, beneficial for intelligence development, computer games and puzzles for any age. For the fans of stargazing there is a wide range of optical devices. Visitors may purchase telescopes, microscopes, field-glasses and spy-glasses here.

You can also get a DVD with a video about the Moscow Planetarium in the MKS gift shop. This video tour will tell you about different exhibits and show all the areas of the complex. The great advantage of the disk is that it has English version and can be played in 3D format on any device! Video-tour about the Moscow Planetarium will make a pleasant gift and a lovely memory for you and those dear to you.

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