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Snack Bar

While kids are busy making a tornado or docking a spaceship their parents may relax in a snack bar in the Lunarium Interactive Museum.

A cup of coffee and a dessert or a glass of fresh juice and hot pancakes will refresh you and lift your spirit.

The unusual furnishing of the snack-bar is pleasantly relaxing; you get a feeling of being in the outer space, between the Earth and the Moon. Here you can arrange a very special birthday party or any party for kids.


Retro-café is next to the Urania Museum. There is a cozy and homelike atmosphere in the café, easy chairs, old books, unique photographs of the Planetarium, stylish lamp-shades. Waiters will offer a fine choice of delicious dishes of European and Japanese cuisine and the barman will make your favorite cocktail.

The café is located just opposite to the Conference Room, therefore, it is very convenient for conference or forum participants, as well as for guests of a lecture to have their snacks and coffee-breaks here.

“Telescope” Restaurant

Visitors of the Planetarium are welcome to enjoy refined atmosphere, unusual design and excellent European and Japanese cuisine of the restaurant. Both adults and kids will have lovely time here. There is a special menu for our very small visitors.

Thanks to spaciousness of its floors, separate rooms and convenient entrance, the Telescope restaurant is perfect for holding significant events of various kinds.

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